The Grownup's Guide to Growing Up

James Luckraft-Law & Toria Lester

comedy theatre
age 14+

50 mins

After lifelong dedication to research, analysis of data, multiple dependable sources and reflection of first-hand experience we have come to the conclusion that we have yet to grow up.

In fact, we believe it to be a small wonder that we've managed to survive for nearly 30 years at all.

Everyone else has it sorted. We believe this. This is 100% percent fact we think.

Life: love, work, money, family, what grownups do.

And now as we approach the big 30. (That’s a big deal isn't it? There's like, movies about it, isn't there?). We can't help but feel that if we could go back, just one more round, we'd be more prepared and get it right.

Or we could just throw a party. Is that what a grown up would do?

A comedy about growing up whilst looking back. A nostalgic look at our past, pop culture’s influence and discussion of society's expectations. As well as wondering if the so-called ‘big 30’ milestone really is such a big deal. For those who feel a little bit lost. A mix of sketches, stand up, physical theatre and birthday cake.

A two hander comedy performance. Spoken word and… let’s call it ‘movement’.

Twitter: @Jamluckraftlaw