Remedies - A Ballad of Broken Britain

Middle Weight Theatre Company

age 16+ strong language

60 mins

Brexit, benefits, broken homes and viagra are only a few of the issues examined in this new original play by Matt Roberts.

Set within the four walls of a local pharmacy, this one room situation comedy/drama features two opinionated, strong-willed and polarised members of staff. As they witness the ailments and sicknesses of the public, they may be able to administer the medicine, but can they find the remedy for the the ills of Britain?

"What's in a name..." Thirty seconds later, we still didn't know; but the Middle-Weight Theatre Company was founded in Exeter, Devon.

In 2013, Matt Roberts and Tom Stabb with a joint disposition and mutual love of dialogue and comedy, not to mention a shared caffeine addiction, combined their efforts towards creating a focused and dedicated touring theatre company through the means of new and original writing.

With performances across the UK and attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013/2015 with 'Sound Bite' and 'Insensible' - Middle-Weight Theatre Company proudly present - 'Remedies' - A Ballad of Broken Britain.

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