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dance &
physical theatre

Blooming Out

BLOOMING OUT is a funny and clever non-verbal language clown show, interpreted by two women that embraces the disparate and fascinating themes of the feminine universe, such as period, maternity, social taboos and love; all this covered in a light, comic and poetic way.

comedy, physical theatre  12+ 60 mins

The female universe revealed in a non-verbal clown show - light, comic and poetic.
12+   60 mins


Dancing in Pairadaeza
World Dance Collective

‘And don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It's quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.’ Rumi. Enter Pairadaeza, the garden of paradise, where women from across the globe dance deliriously to nature’s rhythms.

world dance, exhibition  12+ 15 mins

In Pairadaeza women from across the globe dance deleriously to nature's rhythms.
12+   45 mins


Do Four Legs Work If There Are Five Of Us?
GoldHill Dance Company

Looking at awkward everyday situations where so many unwritten rules are at play. Bound by these learnt behaviours that unconsciously narrate our day. A snapshot of thoughts presented through movement and speech.

physical-theatre, dance  12+ 15 mins

Physical-theatre and dance take to the streets.
12+   15 mins


Exim Dance Company

Etch is an intimate exploration of memory; the things we remember and those we choose to forget. With layers of spoken word, movement and music the performers guide the audience on a journey of remembrance.

Spoken workd, contemporary dance and physical-theatre  12+ 60 mins

Spoken word, contemporary dance and physical-theatre on a journey of remembrance.
12+   60 mins


Fit For Purpose
multi story theatre company

The gym is a place to get fit and a place of refuge. This is the story of a man who minds his own business; keeps body, mind and soul in tip-top condition, determined to be a useful citizen but not to rock the boat. A story without words told by bodies in motion.

physical-theatre  12+ 15 mins

The gym is a place of refuge. A story without words told by bodies in motion.
12+   15 mins


For We Are Many
North Devon Youth Dance Company

For We Are Many draws upon the idea of Roman Legions and themes of war. The Roman legion were the most successful army of all time, in part due to their determination, meticulous and strategic planning, the sheer number of soldiers and their ability to work together as one.

dance  12+ 7 mins

An exploration in dance of the Roman Legions' ethos.
12+   7 mins


Moving On
Wild & Blue Projects

Devon based contemporary dancers and visiting Fringe performers lead groups of curious movers of all ages in a mesmerising, improvised dance through the streets of Barnstaple. Do you see what they see, hear what they hear, imagine what they imagine? Follow and find out.

street-theatre, dance  all ages 60 mins

Groups of curious movers exploring, experiencing the streets and buildings of our town.
1all ages   60 mins



Odjo - a beautiful idiot fisherman raised by performing elephants! He's insanely funny with his bizarre martial arts practices, unruly animal impressions and unhealthy absurdities . Don't miss it! Narrated by the multi-award winning Trygve Wakenshaw.

comedy, physical theatre, mime  14+ 50 mins

A beautiful idiot fisherman raised by performing elephants!
14+   50 mins


Pop to the Hop where you'll Bop til you Drop
Project:Dance! Devon

Join Chauffeur Jack and his crew and pop back to the sixties hop! A mixture of dance, drama and musical theatre transports you to the sixties.

dance and musical theatre  all ages 60 mins

Dance, drama and theatre transport you back to the 60s.
all ages   60 mins


Samba Parade
Samba Baia

Samba Baia Carnival Samba Band works with local people and groups to bring the colour and spectacle of carnival and other celebrations to North Devon. New members are always welcome aged 8 and over. All tuition and instruments are provided.

music, dance  all ages 45 mins

Samba Baia bring the colour and spectacle of carnival to North Devon.
all ages   45 mins


Sleeping Beauty
Barely There

A theatrical and poetic re-imagining of a fairy tale that explores the themes of identity, intimacy and longing. The mysterious logic of Beauty's dream gives a unique view of the struggle between the visceral and the cerebral aspects of the self.

drama, spoken word, dance  12+ 60 mins

A poetic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale exploring identity, intimacy and longing.
14+   15 mins


South African Song & Dance
U'Zambezi Arts

U'Zambezi Arts specialises in songs, drum rhythms, dances and instrumental music from the Southern African region. The musicians are multi-talented artists whose work has taken them into Canada, the USA, Europe including the UK, and all across southern Africa.

African accapella singing and dancing  8+ 45 mins

Songs, drumming and dances from Southern Africa.
8+   45 mins


Tea Dance
Project:Dance! Devon - and you!

What better place for a bit of social dancing than the Pannier Market? Whether you've waltzed since you were kneehigh to a grasshopper or you're a first-time Foxtrotter this is your opportunity. Project:Dance! will be on hand to give guidance if needed and to provide partners galore. What a fun way to kick off your Saturday evening.

social dance  all ages 90 mins

What better place for a spot of social dancing than the Pannier Market?
all ages   90 mins


The Elevator
Pink Pocket Productions

All the scrapes and claustrophobia of an overcrowded elevator taken to the extreme by a team of talented young performers climbing on and all-over each other as they jostle for room. Played out for your entertainment on the street.

physical theatre, comedy  all ages 15 mins

The claustrophobia of an overcrowded elevator taken to the extremes.
all ages   15 mins


We Were Here First
Project:Dance! Devon

Join Project:Dance! for a lively mix of dance and drama celebrating the glorious heritage of what was once one of Britain's major ports. Staged in Barnstaple's historic Pannier Market.

dance and musical theatre  all ages 60 mins

A performance celebrating the history of what was once one of England's major ports.
all ages   60 mins


What's on your mind?
Taw Dance Company

Often when we voice things that matter online, they are received with negativity. A sycophantic ‘like’, a sneering comment. If we behaved like this in the ‘real’ world, what would happen? What happens when technology and ego replace the human and the soul?

dance theatre  12+ 20 mins

What if we behaved as badly in the 'real' word as we do on line? A response in dance.
12+   20 mins