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regular venues

Abi Roberts: Anglichanka
Bawls Out Comedy Productions

A comedy show about Russia in the 90s and being the first comic to do comedy in English and Russian. Hear about gay rights, opera and see how Russia has changed under Putin, the meerkat with nuclear weapons. "An incredible show. ★★★★★” EdFestMag. “Not to be missed ★★★★★” – 3 Weeks

stand-up/comedy   16+ 60 mins

A comedy show about performing a comedy show in Russia. ★★★★★ EdFestMag.
16+   60 mins


Alf the Highwayman
Brave Bold Drama

Alf snatches & grabs without a thought for other people’s feelings. It's time for him to learn there are better ways to play... Full of imagination, songs & a circus, one for all the family with lots of joining in & no frights! Best Children's Show (Shaftesbury Fringe 2016)

family show  3+ 45 mins

Full of imagination, songs & a circus, one for all the family - with lots of joining in & no frights!
3+   45 mins


And Then They Came For Me: Remembering The World Of Anne Frank
Moondog Productions

Two Holocaust survivors recount their lives as teens with live actors portraying Eva Schloss, Anne's friend, Ed Silverberg, Anne's boyfriend, and Anne Frank. The story of these victims of irrational persecution is a must-see, reminding us of some striking parallels in our world.

multimedia drama  11+ 75 mins

An arresting multimedia drama.
11+   75 mins


Andrew Silverwood is a "Self-Absorbed Tw*t"

"Another self absorbed twat. Still, Silverwood is very charming" - Great Scott Media.

A story-telling stand-up show about Sex, wheelchairs and life in the public eye.

story-telling, stand-up comedy  18+ 60 mins

Story-telling stand-up about sex and life in the public eye.
18+   60 mins


A little bit of this and a little bit of that
Passmore and Cartmell

The cream of talent from among the drama students of West Buckland School and Chulmleigh Academy present a variety of short scenes and sketches. Prepare for the comic, the poetic, the sinister, the outrageous, quite possibly the ludicrous and definitely the scary!

mixture of sketches  10+ 75 mins

Drama students present a variety of short scenes and sketches.
10+   75 mins


Anorak of Fire: The Life and Times of Gus Gascoigne
Billy Buckingham

Gus Gascoigne spends all his days train spotting and today, you've joined his latest spot. Sit back as Gus regales you with stories of childhood, failed relationships, midnight spots and how he came to own his famous "Anorak of Fire"!

comedy  12+ 50 mins

A trainspotter with a tale to tell.
12+   50 mins


Billy! Man of Many Musicals!
Billy Buckingham

Billy Buckingham has spent his entire life living, breathing and performing in musical theatre and now, for one performance only, he will perform a selection of songs from some of the best loved musicals, with special guests to help him with a duet or two!

song, musical theatre  12+ 60 mins

Songs from the musicals. Billy & guests.
12+   60 mins


Blooming Out

BLOOMING OUT is a funny and clever non-verbal language clown show, interpreted by two women that embraces the disparate and fascinating themes of the feminine universe, such as period, maternity, social taboos and love; all this covered in a light, comic and poetic way.

comedy, physical theatre  12+ 60 mins

The female universe revealed in a non-verbal clown show - light, comic and poetic.
12+   60 mins


Whims Knot Theatre Company

Welcome to Alice’s ongoing quest to “feel a little less sad”. Through the medium of stand-up, she will reveal all the various (and often ridiculous) methods she has used to drag herself through life thus far, in light of her feelings of depression.

stand-up  16+ 45 mins

Welcome to Alice’s stand-up show in which she reveals how she manages to “feel a little less sad”.
16+   45 mins


Do you have fingerprints on your toes?
Lucy Freeman

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside of us. Dancer Lucy Freeman presents a playful exploration of the space between body and mind. Enjoy an honest and intimate navigation of a profoundly human experience.

contemporary dance  10+ 20 mins

An exploration of the space between body and mind.
10+   20 mins


For Conscience Sake
Plain Quakers Theatre

A wryly comic and poignant one-man show about conscientious objectors in WW1, set in Huddersfield today. Morris is sure his granddad Willie Sykes was a war-hero; Albert argues that violence is never the answer. But cousin Cyril unearths old letters that reveal a disturbing truth.

comedy-drama  14+ 40 mins

A wryly comic and poignant one-man show about conscientious objectors in WW1.
14+   40 mins


Fruitcake - Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward
Rob Gee

Comic, poet and reformed psychiatric nurse Rob Gee presents a user-friendly guide to losing the plot. ★★★★★ “A one-man thespian army” CBC, Canada. ★★★★½ “A tour de force!” Victoria Times. Winner, Best of Fest – Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary Fringe Festivals.

comedy/spoken word  16+ 60 mins

A comic guide to losing the plot.
16+   60 mins


It's My Funeral and I'll Throw Glitter if I Want To
Isobel Marmion

After a (tiny) mental breakdown, Isobel has decided to take her upcoming death into her own hands and throw her own funeral! An intimate look at mental illness and the fear of dying alone, but in like, an uplifting, funny way. "Heartwarming and super enjoyable" Aussie Theatre.

comedy  18+ 50 mins

Isobel throws her own funeral. "Super enjoyable" Aussie Theatre
18+   50 mins


Robert Garnham Productions

A normal flight. An airport lounge. Could this be the start of a beautiful romance? Or is it just a flimsy pretext for performance poet Robert Garnham to deliver a set of humorous and thought-provoking poems?

spoken word, comedy  18+ 50 mins

Performance poet Robert Garnham with a set of humorous and thought-provoking poems.
18+   50 mins


Love// .Death// .Other
We .Are .Uncollective

A spoken word/theatre piece first performed at Concourse Festival 2016. Solo performer t.s. idiot (of We Are Uncollective) delivers 30 minutes of performance poetry, DIY costume, terrible dancing and comedy interludes.

spoken word  18+ 30 mins

Performance poetry, DIY costume, terrible dancing and comedy interludes.
18+   30 mins


Morgan and Rees
Morgan and Rees

Morgan and Rees deliver fast moving sketches with occasional audience interaction to produce irreverent, quirky, silly, thoughtful and even the ball-bustingly funny.

comedy  18+ 60 mins

Fast moving sketches - irreverent, quirky, even ball-bustingly funny.
18+   60 mins


Nature Knows Best
TicTac Theatre

A delightful series of two person plays written by Devon playwright Nick Discombe, Nature Knows Best takes a look at love and life through the eyes of a Seagull duo, a couple of Seahorses and a pair of Sheep. Each play humorously portrays man’s effect on the natural world and the creatures in it.

theatre/comedy  12+ 60 mins

Delightful two person plays looking at love and life through the eyes of various creatures.
12+   60 mins



Odjo - a beautiful idiot fisherman raised by performing elephants! He's insanely funny with his bizarre martial arts practices, unruly animal impressions and unhealthy absurdities . Don't miss it! Narrated by the multi-award winning Trygve Wakenshaw.

comedy, physical theatre, mime  14+ 50 mins

A beautiful idiot fisherman raised by performing elephants!
14+   50 mins


Once Upon a Time in Barnstaple
Pilton Community College

Tales of Barnstaple's colourful past dramatically brought to life by the present generation of young Barumites. Times have changed, our lives seem very different from those of our forebears but is there something in the location that unites us across the years?

theatre  12+ 75 mins

Tales of Barnstaple's colourful past dramatically brought to life.
12+   75 mins


Pop to the Hop where you'll Bop til you Drop
Project:Dance! Devon

Join Chauffeur Jack and his crew and pop back to the sixties hop! A mixture of dance, drama and musical theatre transports you to the sixties.

dance and musical theatre  all ages 60 mins

Dance, drama and theatre transport you back to the 60s.
all ages   60 mins


Remedies - A Ballad of Broken Britain
Middle Weight Theatre Company

Brexit, broken homes and bickering! Two opinionated, strong willed and polarised pharmacy workers, witness the ailments and sicknesses of the public. They may be able to administer the medicine, but can they find the remedy for the ills of Britain?

comedy/drama  16+ 60 mins

Brexit, broken homes and bickering. What's the remedy?
16+   60 mins


Sleeping Beauty
Barely There

A theatrical and poetic re-imagining of a fairy tale that explores the themes of identity, intimacy and longing. The mysterious logic of Beauty's dream gives a unique view of the struggle between the visceral and the cerebral aspects of the self.

drama, spoken word, dance  12+ 60 mins  warning: feathers

A poetic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale exploring identity, intimacy and longing.
14+   15 mins   warning: feathers


South African Song & Dance
U'Zambezi Arts

U'Zambezi Arts specialises in songs, drum rhythms, dances and instrumental music from the Southern African region. The musicians are multi-talented artists whose work has taken them into Canada, the USA, Europe including the UK, and all across southern Africa.

African accapella singing and dancing  8+ 45 mins

Songs, drumming and dances from Southern Africa.
8+   45 mins


Storyteller of the Year Entertains
The Bard of Windmill Hill

"He turns the absurd aspects of modern life into laughter fodder... cerebral stand-up at its best." Praised by the BBC's Dr Phil Hammond for the range and depth of his work. This could be the prescription you need. "Brilliant, captivating, cheering" Chippenham Folk Festival.

comedy/cabaret  14+ 50 mins

"Cerebral stand-up at its best." "Brilliant, captivating, cheering"
14+   50 mins


Chris White

Chris has just realised the Titanic is still in the sea. So he sets out on a quest to haul it up. He’ll soon discover a sinister truth at the heart of the Atlantic – one that could wreck everything. Sunked is a one-man spoken-word show about salvage, salvation and Celine Dion.

spoken-word, comedy, stand-up, theatre, poetry  12+ 50 mins

Chris is on a quest to raise the Titanic. A show about salvage, salvation and Celine Dion.
12+   50 mins


The Assassination of Spencer Percival
Nick Hall

Spencer Percival has one claim to fame. He’s the only Prime Minister to ever be assassinated. 205 years later, Nick Hall tells his story. As seen on BBC Two, BBC Three, and BBC Radio 4. 'Brilliant' (Times). ‘Crackingly original’ ★★★★ (List). ‘One not to miss’ ★★★★ (Skinny).

comedy-theatre  12+ 55 mins

A comedy about an assassination. ‘Crackingly original’ ★★★★ (List)
12+   55 mins


The Bundle
Journeymen Theatre

The Bundle tells Adilah's story of life in Chechnya after being forcibly removed by her father from Russia and then her flight for safety to the UK. Here she encounters the 'hostile environment' deliberately created by the UK Home Office. It is an unfinished story......

verbatim theatre  17+ 60 mins

Adilah's story of her life in Chechnya and her attempt to find safety in the UK.
17+   60 mins


The Forgotten Tales
Parable Arts

A fast-paced, one-man journey through the myths and legends of ancient Britain. Pairing skilled storytelling with traditional and modern folk song, one actor brings to life over 20 unique characters in a range of artfully crafted stories. Hilarious - Heartbreaking - Heroic.

storytelling, theatre, live-music  8+ 55 mins

A fast-paced, one-man journey through the myths and legends of ancient Britain.
8+   55 mins


The Grownup's Guide to Growing Up
James Luckraft-Law & Toria Lester

Life: Everyone else is sorted. We aren’t. You’re invited to a 30th birthday. Comedy about growing up whilst looking back. A nostalgic look at our past, pop culture and society. For those who feel a little bit lost. A mix of sketches, stand up, physical theatre and birthday cake.

comedy theatre  14+ 50 mins

For those who feel a little bit lost.
14+   50 mins


Well Thumbed
Notional Theatre

A celebration of the erotic education and salacious thrills to be had in the well-thumbed pages of classic literature. WELL THUMBED is one man’s enthusiastically prurient thumbing through the surprising contents of a very respectable library. A classic line up of absolute filth.

stand-up literature  14+ 55 mins

A celebration of the salacious thrills to be had in the pages of classic literature.
14+   55 mins


What's on your mind?
Taw Dance Company

Often when we voice things that matter online, they are received with negativity. A sycophantic ‘like’, a sneering comment. If we behaved like this in the ‘real’ world, what would happen? What happens when technology and ego replace the human and the soul?

dance theatre  12+ 20 mins

What if we behaved as badly in the 'real' word as we do on line? A response in dance.
12+   20 mins


Wicked Old Sod - The Resurrection
Michelle Ridings

The Watcher on the boundary. The Rebel. The Fool.The crazy old bag sitting next to you on the bus. Wicked is the dark dream of our broken hearts demanding to be reclaimed. Join her on her resurrection journey as she attempts to make sense of her travails through time and space.

comedy-drama, physical theatre  14+ 60 mins

She's the Watcher on the boundary. The Rebel. The Fool.
14+   60 mins


Circle of Spears

An original historical drama which focuses on the social situations which gave rise to accusations of witchcraft. A herbalist/healer who must defend herself before her accuser and the local magistrate. The magistrate must then decide whether she should be committed for trial.

historical drama  12+ 55 mins

A herbalist/healer must defend herself against accusations of witchcraft.
12+   55 mins