Without volunteers, no Fringe Theatrefest. It's as simple as that.

Fringe Theatrefest is about a whole variety of people and institutions coming together to make something extraordinary happen. And the volunteers are the lifeblood of the whole enterprise.

Volunteers supervise the venues, run the venue box-offices, help with the technical side, assist with publicity and are the warm and welcoming public face of Fringe Theatrefest.

They also have an important role to play in building and maintaining the profile of Fringe Theatrefest in North Devon.

The primary "reward" is being part of an exceptional team and having a major impact on the development of an exciting event. There are also free tickets for shows to be earned (one ticket for each 3-hour shift).

This year we have funding from the Celebrate England Big Lottery Fund that enables us to invest even more in our volunteers. We will pay for you to become First Aid trained and will offer you free training for working with young people and vulnerable adults along with appropriate certification.

There are several of ways of engaging, some of them detailed below. If you want to find out more about being part of the team that makes Fringe Theatrefest the wonderfully exciting event that it is, then please e-mail us at ndfringe@hotmail.com or contact us via the comments form.

If you already know that you want to be part of the team please go straight to the volunteer form.


main duties

Box office

There are two volunteers working together at each venue box office. Their primary role is to sell tickets for shows in that venue and on that day. Fringe Buttons and Frequent Fringers can also be purchased from any box office on any day.

Between them they keep a clear record of how many tickets are sold for each show. This includes whether tickets are full-price, concessions, frequent fringers or comps – a tally sheet is provided. After each show has begun and tickets are no longer for sale for that show, volunteers count all monies taken to ensure that the tally is correct.

At the end of each day the Box Office Manager will do a final count. The Box Office Manager will also be contactable throughout the festival if there are any issues.


Stewards are responsible for looking after audiences in each venue. They usher audiences in and out of the auditorium. Seats are not numbered but the stewards check tickets and badges as the audience enters.

Before each performance a steward will welcome the audience, inform them of emergency procedures and remind them to turn off mobiles. Should there be an emergency evacuation be necessary,the Stewards will take charge - having been given prior instruction in the appropriate procedure.

Stewards will also be superintending events in the streets and in informal sites around Barnstaple and will be manning information tents on the High Street and outside the Library.

Volunteer Coordinators

The Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the right volunteers are in the right places at the right times and that they have the knowledge and equipment necessary to do the jobs required.

They will be available throughout the festival to answer questions and to deal with any problems that may arise. There will always be one Volunteer Coordinator in each venue throughout the festival where they will liaise with the venue’s stage manager in order to ensure that Front of House volunteers know when shows are ready for the audience to arrive.

Please contact either of them if you are unable to make your shift, you think you might be late or you are unsure what you are supposed to be doing. Please also contact them during your shift if any emergencies or problems occur.

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"Really friendly and enthusiastic volunteers and venue managers – felt like the community was behind it and excited!"

Join us!.